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Company Profile

Hunan Liuyang Fireworks Limited located in Liuyang, the “Silicon Valley of fireworks”, was incorporated on March 5, 2009. It is a Sino-foreign joint-venture company, and was organized by Far Ocean Enterprises Limited, Far Ocean Fireworks Manufacturing and Displaying Co. Ltd., Far Ocean Printing Co. Ltd., and Hong Kong Ease Asia Industrial Limited. It inherits high quality assets, customer resources, and the enterprise culture from the famous Far Ocean Group, which was the first private import and export fireworks trading company in Liuyang.

Liuyang Fireworks Limited is a leading China-based manufacturer of consumer fireworks that are distributed in more than 20 countries across Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. The company has achieved excellent brand awareness within the international market space and makes use of pragmatic and innovative business idea to develop both international and domestic Chinese markets. From 2009, Liuyang Fireworks Limited focused on both domestic and international markets, and established Northeast (Liaoning), North China (Henan, Hebei), East China (Zhejiang, Jiangsu), Central China (Hubei), and South China (Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan) districts sales channels. Along with international sales growth, the Company’s domestic sales have accelerated.  Sales revenue in 2009 increased 50 % compared with the same period of the previous year. 

President, CEO: Hu Miao

In March 2010, Liuyang Fireworks Limited launched Hunan Liuyang Fireworks Display Art Company, a 100 percent owned subsidiary with registered capital of RMB 16,000,000.  In May 2010, Liuyang Fireworks Limited established Far Ocean Haining Fireworks Co. and Far Ocean Wanjia Fireworks Co in Zhejiang Province to enter the fireworks wholesale market. By acquiring wholesale licenses, Liuyang Fireworks Limited has effectively become the most vertically integrated fireworks company in China, combining manufacturing, wholesale, and display capabilities.

Company Headquarters of Liuyang

Liuyang Fireworks Limited is widely recognized by the international fireworks industry for its safety record, top-quality products, and good brand name image, all of which positions the Company to attract international investment.

Garden-style production base

 Liuyang Fireworks Limited focuses on promoting fireworks industry value, upgrading industry technology and devotes itself to the healthy development of a modern fireworks industry. It has a diligent, persistent, passionate, and experienced professional team. The management has generations of industry experience and possess an international outlook. Highly trained and experienced professional technicians have technological skill applied to the fireworks industry future trends. Liuyang Fireworks Limited believes the total combination of many factors… such as professional orientation, commitment to new technology applications, complete industry chains, material and human resource superiority, well developed branding, and accumulated traditional experience will stimulate sustainable development and provide significant advantages within a competitive marketplace. The Company fully supports the integration of domestic and international industry resources.

According to core ideology of “Persistence and Innovation”, Liuyang Fireworks Limited optimizes operation process, the production of safe and environment friendly new products and excellent product value to create the greatest economic benefit for customers. The Company persists in the concept of “customer centric”, and promoting the healthy development of industry growth through technical innovation. Liuyang Fireworks Limited is willing to build win-win cooperation with the fireworks industry, and eventually make improvement to industry core competitiveness.